Photography is the art of producing images on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light or other forms of radiant energy.

The art of photography is very evident within these pages as demonstrated by the works of these fine people. To capture the eclectic nature of The County of Orange, The Center of Southern California required a team of individuals left to their own imagination and style. We were fortunate to have so many talented people submit their work and we thank them.




Anaheim Public Library

Baker, Frank / Index Photobank

Ballantyne Carlos / Zuma

Barber, John / Zuma

Barber, Davis / Zuma

Beral, Hal / Photo Network

Bisson, Tony

Bonsey, Don

Burgess, Michele

Carroll, Tom / Index Photobank

Cate, Myrleen /Photo Network

Connell, John

Curran, Claire

Duka, Lonnie

Eddie Martin Family & Estate Collection

Ehlers, Chad / Photo Network

Folsom, Howard

Francis, Stephen

Freeman, Bill

Frohlich, Chet

Frye, Scott K.

Gage, Rob

Gilley, Rob

Granbery, Jeff

Historical Collection
First American Title Insurance Company


Helitzer, Adrienne /Zuma

Hill, Jeanine J.

Junor, Dennis / Creation Captured

Kvartuc, Branimir / Zuma

Lamb, Tom

Lang, Rick

Laursen, Renee

Leckrone, Rick / Index Photobank

Long Photography

Maimone, Sal / Photo Network

Maza, Luis M. de la / Index Photobank

McKiernan, Scott / Zuma

Miller, Douglas

Moore, Terrence


Northern, Carmen / Index Photobank

Perry, David L

Ragatz, Geoff

Romanosky, Ron

Romero, Don

Rothwell, Scott

Sakamoto, Steve

Salas, Michael

Sholik, Stan

Steinhardt, Ken / Zuma

Stock, Debbie

Torrez, Bob

Vornberger, David T.

Wassmann, Cliff

Westfall, Douglas

Wilcox, Ted

Woodworth, Woody / Creation Captured

Zaitz, David