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Daily Pilot Weekend November 27-28, 1999
All you want to know about Orange County. Newport Beach resident offers historical perspective about area in 100 page book. "Writing about Orange County is fun because it's like writing about someone you know," Lansing said. "illustrates the county's eclecticism through historic and current information, photos, maps and recommendation guides. A wonderful book worth spending time with for residents and visitors." Says Joyce Scherer.

COAST Magazine (May 2000)
"…is one of many delightful photos from the premier edition of The County of Orange, Center of Southern California. The book, called a "Visual Monograph" - a documented pictorial account or description of a particular subject - is a collection of images of Orange County's people, geography, communities, and culture and illustrates how the County is Southern California's heart. The book will expand your view of this diverse community and make you feel great about choosing Orange County as the place you hang your hat."

Los Angeles Times, O.C. Business Plus, Heard on The Beat: Tourism (June 21, 2000) ""The County of Orange," a coffee-table book designed as a souvenir or promotional item, contains hundreds of photos illustrating the area's charms...among the glossy shots of beaches, malls, golf courses, museums, art festivals, theaters and theme parks, as well as in writer David Lansing's paeans to the casual local lifestyle...can be previewed online" notes E. Scott Reckard. "We're the heart and soul of everything people know about the region," Maxsenti said. "With the exception of the film industry."

CONNECTIONS, Anaheim / Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau (Winter 2000)
"With more than 450 colorful photographs from 60 top commercial photographers, The County of Orange, Center of Southern California, a new book published by The Max Company of Newport Beach, is a fascinating guide to the many attractions and sights Orange County has to offer. David Lansing, a well known travel writer, has added his talent with informative and interesting stories that make this book a must for travel planners, visitors and residents who are proud of their home."

LOOKOUT, Newport Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce (January 2000)
"This outstanding new book, The County of Orange, Center of Southern California, has 100 pages of 462 colorful photographs from over 60 photographers, highlighting the many different faces of Orange County. It looks at every city in Orange County from Santa Ana to Laguna Beach and special spots from Disneyland to Crystal Cove and every place in between. …It makes a great gift for any occasion or the perfect addition for your own home…check out the book yourself…you won't be disappointed."

Book Description
The County of Orange, Center of Southern California clearly illustrates the Southern California lifestyle. A beautiful coffee table visual monograph which displays the beauty, depth, and diversity of the County of Orange as never before. There are 462 gorgeous photographs from more than 60 top commercial photographers. 100 pages worth. But there is also a fascinating text by David Lansing, travel author and writer for Sunset, National Geographic, and the Times of Orange County. And unique maps of the County and its position as the Center of Southern California. And vital statistics. And a guide to county parks and beaches. And a list of recommended destinations. And visitor information resources. And high-quality, state-of-the-art printing.

From the Inside Flap
Welcome to The County of Orange, Center of Southern California, premier edition. This visual monograph (a documented pictorial account and/or description of a particular subject) illustrates the County's position as the heart of Southern California-both geographically and as the centerpiece of the Southern California experience. It's designed to expand your own images of this great County, while showcasing some of the community's Local Color-gracious people and fine businesses-which represents a significant part of the distinctive local experience. In this first edition, each showcased recommendation can be easily found in the guide on pages 90 and 91.

The County of Orange is a vast and diverse community. While giving you a comprehensive overview of what it is to live here in the Center of Southern California, we know there is much we have been unable to include. As we continue with new editions, we look forward to evolving this monograph to incorporate even more of this grand County's diversity and grandeur. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Please drop us a note via fax, e-mail or snail mail with your observations and suggestions.

From the Back Cover
Welcome to the County of Orange, Center of Southern California Make a selection of over 460 photographs from more than 60 top commercial photographers; add text by David Lansing, writer for Sunset, National Geographic, and the Times of Orange County; produce with high-quality, state-of-the-art printing; and assemble into a 100-page visual monograph that just might do justice to the beauty and elements of the County of Orange. Now you can begin your tour of new images and fond memories.

The County of Orange is Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, Newport and Laguna Beach, Old Towne Orange and Surf City, USA. The Matterhorn, Old West ghost town, Balboa Fun Zone, The Register, mission ruins, ocean piers, luxury yachts, surfers--these are all images that come readily to mind when you think of the Big Orange.

But the County of Orange is also Little Saigon and the Santa Ana Arts District, Silverado Canyon and Cook's Corner, historic Fullerton and the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. There are thousands of acres of wooded parklands, adobe houses built before California was even a state, meadows bursting with wildflowers and wildlife, and a President's birthplace.

The County of Orange, Center of Southern California, takes you on a visual guide through one of the most exciting, diverse metropolises in the world, a region with a surprising array of natural beauty as well as a prosperous economic powerhouse that makes its nearly 3 million residents some of the wealthiest in the United States. As you turn the pages in this fresh look at the heart of Southern California, you'll find many of the expected highlights. But like those who have lived here for generations, you'll also find a number of surprises with what some have called the greatest sociological experiment in diversity in the nation.




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